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How does phone payments work?
Posted by Bruno Rodrigues on 09 September 2008 06:08 PM
Besides PayPal, Western Union and Wire Transfer we also accept payments by phone.

To use this payment, go to your account and click on upgrade, then select "Phone (DaoPay)". In the next screen you can select how many months you want to upgrade (1 or 3 months), then click upgrade.

In the next screen you can confirm your order and once you are ready, click on the DaoPay icon to proceed with the payment. This will bring you to DaoPay's payment page, where you can see the number which to call and your order number.

Now you need to call the number displayed and when asked insert the order number followed by a "#". After this you only need to wait for the call to be complete and then press "Payment made".

If the payment is successful your account will be upgraded immediately.

NOTE: Phone payments are only available for 1 and 3 month upgrades and are more expensive than the other payment methods as we only receive a small percentage of the payment. Please use this only if you can't use any of other available payment methods.

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