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A friend told me to use a script. Is it legal to use it?
Posted by Bruno Rodrigues on 06 February 2009 02:51 PM
"It is prohibited to load any sites of Astro Empires with any other programs than web browsers. As is forbidden to use tools that simulate or replace the web interface. The same applies to scripts that load or read site pages (making actions or collecting data). Is prohibited to use auto-refresh functions, tools to open or fresh several pages simultaneously and other browser integrated mechanisms of this nature."

We always advice players not to use any game scripts even if other players say they are fine, as most of them are against the our Terms of Use, and players using them can be suspended/banned. Also there have been many cases where the scripts retrieve the user account login, and others can login to your game account and for example disband all your bases and fleets, among other things.

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