Why did my economy dropped?
Posted by Sónia Mangerona on 08 August 2013 03:01 PM
It can be because a player that you trade with have stop playing or have been attacked and your total trade income have been affected by that.

Or it can also happen if you are occupying a base of a player that is about 65% of your level.
When your level is calculate and is above 65% of the occupied player, you get a little less income from occupations as you are above 65% of the other player level. With this your economy is reduced and next time your level is calculated you are lower then 65% of the other player and the income increase, your level grow again. This became a cycle.
The income rule:
If a player attacks/occupies a player less than 65% of their level;
Only get x% of the pillage/trade route plunder/occupation income.

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