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How does this IP address thing works? I don't think anyone is using my computer, although I play at school with my friends each of us has a different IP address on our computers.
Posted by Bruno Rodrigues on 23 January 2008 02:01 AM
It isn't the private IP that Windows grants you that matters, it's the public IP given by the router of that Internet connection.

Private IPs (usualy starting with a 192.168...) is what distinguishes computers inside a private local area network, such as a school, work office, LAN party, library, etc... Those IPs are only valid inside that network.

However, for that private network to connect to the global network (Internet) it needs a router which will provide an unique IP address for every single computer on that local network while they are on the Internet.

So it doesn't matter if noone is using your computer to play Astro Empires, as long as they use the same Internet connection as you they will have the same IP address as you.

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