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After your account upgrade expires your account becomes a free account, free accounts shows advertising and are limited in some features, compare here.
Yes you can, except from promotional vouchers.
No, it is not possible (the only exception is when you delete your account to restart on a new one in the same server).
No, you get to keep what you already have, but you cannot build any more bases or advanced structures than their current number/level.
Just go at that player's profile page and click on the link "Upgrade this account" and follow all the steps to upgrade via Paypal.
Upgrading will improve your gameplay, removing site advertising and add extra features to your account. See the upgrade page for more information. This is needed in order to ensure the long term success and sustainability of the Astro Empires game, ...
Every new game account starts off with an account upgrade lasting 7 days. After those seven days, the account turns into a free account unless the owner of the account (or anyone else) upgraded it beforehand.
If you have upgraded via Paypal eCheck, those payments take several days to clear, try to check your Paypal account on that. If you have not tried to upgrade via Paypal eCheck please contact us.
If the upgrade expires the account will remain in vacation mode.
This is most probably because you understand a different date format, for example 05-10-2007, means day 5 of October 2007, as this is the date format (day-month-year) used in most European Countries including Portugal where the game is established. In...
Vacation Mode Rules: - Only upgraded players can set the vacation mode. - Vacation mode cannot be removed for 48 hours except within the first hour it's set. - After vacation mode is removed you cannot make any attacks for 4 hours. - After vacation ...
We accept payments via PayPal, a third party payment process, which allows you to safely use your credit card to upgrade your account. It is also possible to pay 6 or 12 months, via Wire Transfer, using Western Union, or by mail. For more information, co...
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