Discounts received when disbanding a base
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Disbanding a base can necessary for several reasons; The base is located poorly in relation to your other bases, it does not supply enough energy or metal. Before you can disband a base, you should finish or cancel all Construction, Production and Research projects to avoid losing those credits.

When you disband a base with it's structures, the credits you receive back are not put into your Credits on hand, but rather into a "reserve", which is then discounted from the cost of your next base.
You can see if you have any "Discount Credits" by clicking on Account on the main game page, and you will see "Cost of next Base" followed by "Discount on next base cost". The amount shown in those 2 areas are the cost of your next base (which will have the discount shown below taken into account), and the credits received for the structures that were disbanded (Credits received for disbanding structures would be in ("Discount on next base cost").

The credits you receive for disbanding a base with structures is determined as follows: 50% of the cost of each structure

The cost of your next base with only be 25% of the normal price. This 25% cost is until you reach the same number of bases that you already had, in case you disbanded more then 1 base at once.

Example about receiving credit for a disbanded base:
You have 9 bases, and wish to disband one. base 9 cost you 6400 Credits, so you would get half the credits back just for the structures itself.
As you now have 8 bases rather then 9, and base 9 costs 6400, you should now see when you go into Account in the game that the cost of your next base is only 1600, rather then 6400. Once you create base 9, the cost of base 10 will return to the normal cost, which is 12800.

Example about receiving credit for a structure on a disbanded base:
If your base had 1 Disruptor turret on it, you would receive 2048 Credits back, 50% of the original 4096 cost.
And so on, for each structure on the base. Keep in mind, structures cost more each level, so as you begin disbanding individual structures, the discount you receive will be higher at first, declining as the level of the structure declines.

A level 5 Disruptor turret, when disbanded, will give you a refund of 10368 credits, whereas you see from the Level 1 Disruptor Turret above, the refund is only 2048 credits.

Also, there is no difference between disbanding a base with all the structures at once, or disbanding each structure one by one. The total amount of credits you receive in your "Discount reserve" will be the same either way.

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